Louvre Windows

Louvre Windows​ are the energy efficient window option for bringing natural light and fresh air into sustainable building designs. With blades that open close to horizontal, ​Breezway Altair Louvre Windows​ allow fresh air to naturally reduce the indoor temperature of the building, refreshing building occupants and reducing the need for power hungry air conditioning systems


Louver Windows​ offer the following benefits:

  • Energy Efficiency​ ​- when used in bathrooms they are a great alternative to exhaust fans
  • Louvers create a thermal Chimney to naturally cool your building
  • Louver Windows​ offer more ventilation than most other windows
  • When made with clear glass, or left in the right opening tilts, they can flood your
    home with natural light.
  • Frosted and coloured glass options offer enhanced privacy, and can be tilted to
    angles that maintain airflow and privacy.
  • Easy to clean as you can clean the entire window pane, inside and out from the
    inside of your home.
  • Added security as they are generally out of reach and more difficult to access and
    lower windows can be locked
  • Opening and closing control options from manual to powered
  • Where Louvers are not able to be used it is possible to have similar benefits from the use of
    Awning Windows

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