Glass Splashbacks

A Glass Splashback is the ultimate way to complement your new kitchen. Glass Splashbacks can create a very attractive look and are functional with minimal to no joints making them easy to maintain and looking good. There are many options to choose from when using glass as your Splashback. Some of the options include: painted back, vinyl back with an image, direct printing onto the back of the glass, mirror or even make your Glass Splashback a window. Glass Splashbacks can be installed over existing Splashback tiles, MDF, fibre board, dry wall or any surface that is reasonably smooth and flat. All our Glass Splashback panels are toughened to Australian Standards to allow for thermal shock and heat. One of the most important features to consider for any Splashback material is its durability.



A Splashback may be exposed to water, food spills and splatters, dings from small appliances and other kitchen items bumping into them and more. Some materials, such as metal plating or ceramic tiles, may dent or chip. They may even become stained when certain substances are left on them for too long. The glass that is used with Splashbacks is designed to be highly durable and will not stain. Glass Splashbacks are designed to look just as good on the day that it was installed as it does many years down the road.
There are plenty of applications, other than the kitchen, for the use of Glass Splashbacks including: Glass wall panels in bathrooms, Bars, Reception areas and Boardrooms just to name a few. Your imagination is the limit.

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